LMAO and Other Euphemisms

I was born with the sitting gene.  I come from others with the sitting gene.  Some productive, some not so much.  I’m really good at sitting.  Really good.  Some people get antsy and need to get up and move around.  Some can barely sit for any length of time.  Not me.  I can sit and sit and sit.  Thing is, I’m usually very productive while I sit.  I work long hours at my job and remain focused far longer than most, usually forgetting to take my break unless I need to go to the bathroom.  While it may make me a wonderful employee, it doesn’t exactly promote a balanced lifestyle.

During one of my sitting escapades, probably in my car on the way to work, I began to wonder about euphemisms.  (One of the down sides of sitting is I usually have plenty of time to think.)  One of my favorites is “laugh my ass off”.  I laugh quite a lot.  You might say it’s my stock in trade.  Since I’m at work so much I try to keep it fun and laughter goes a long way.  Unfortunately my ass does not appear to be affected by the ongoing laughter.  You might say I have a slow comedic metabolism.  As long as I have good comedic timing, I can live with it.

Then there’s “work my ass off”.  Who thought that one up, anyway?  I work and work and the only affect on my ass is that it is wide and flat – like my work chair.  I use the expression all the time, regardless of it’s inaccuracy. The coiner of that phrase must not have been much of a sitter.  Maybe they meant gardening or hay mowing or something. Not much sitting in those jobs.  Unless you have a garden seat or use a machine to mow. I might be ok at that.  At that point I might as well be in my desk chair.  Hmm…

Oh, and lest I forget, there’s the ever popular “chew my ass off”.  This one is saved for those special occasions when one is afraid of being chastised to a degree that is anything but comfortable, OR has already felt the sting of such verbal lashings.  Rarely fun.  And not effective in the least, darn it.  Still, if that would work, I’d put myself in the line of fire daily until my posterior was much smaller.  I am more than willing to suffer emotional pain to bring about a shapely posterior.  A shapely posterior of a less chair-like shape.

Obviously, none of these techniques will work as an ass reducing regimen.  I suppose it’s time I tried exercise.  Not as much fun to say, but still exercising my ass off just might work.  Regardless of their accuracy, I suppose I’m glad we use these silly sayings.  If we didn’t what would I have to think about while I’m sitting?  Or now, while I’m on the treadmill.

Living in a State of Want

I find nature to be very stabilizing; it makes me think about my life and beyond myself.  Lately it’s been the sound of rain that has me thinking.  Thinking that I’m in my warm and comfortable house with limited concerns, plenty to eat and drink.  And still I live in a state of want.  I want new clothes, new shoes, new flooring.  There’s always something I want lurking in the back of my mind.  Sometimes it’s right in the front.  And I have to ask myself, why am I never just content with my life as it is?  Is it because our American culture is trained to want more?  Is it the natural human condition?  Or is it just my own mental wiring that I am always planning and thinking of what to achieve next?  Problem with the last thought is that I don’t appear to be alone in my want.  It’s unnecessary want.  I dont’ want for food, clothing, shelter.  I want for more. 

Of course, the rain making me intraspective, I also think about the people who want in the real sense of the word.  As I sit in my warm, dry home, I wonder about those less fortunate than me.  There are people living on the street, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, just trying to stay dry and warm.  And our winter promises to be very wet and cold this year, so how bad is it going to be for them?  For me, it means inconvenient commutes and paying a bit more for my electricity.  For them, it can mean extreme cold, frostbite, possibly even death.  It’s humbling that I spend so much of my time “wanting” when I really want for very little and have the means to have all I need and ways to make more and earn what I want.

So here’s what I want now.  I want to be more aware of the needs of others.  I want to give more and shop less.  I want to spend more time being content and thankful for what I have and spend less time allowing my imagination to run wild with what more I would like to have.  And I know I can only change the world a little.  But then, what more do I want?


So I’m spending the weekend in Wenatchee with my family and I mention to my brother Rick that I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.  Well, when you tell a computer guru something like that, you should expect more than the usual, “Oh?”.  Five minutes later and a new chapter in my life was born.  No more day dreaming, now it’s time to do it.

San Francisco
Riding the Trolley

Let me start with an introduction.  My name is Angela Vendetti.  I am the lucky wife of my husband Tom and mother to our three lovely children, Lorenza, Lucia & Sergio.  I use the term children loosely, as they are all out of high school.  I was a stay at home mommy for many years and even tried my hand at home schooling, but a bit more than 10 years ago I went back to work and re-discovered myself.  I’m much better at busines than I am at home management and gladly moved on to a new chapter in my life.  About 6 months ago I took a chance and auditioned for a Gilbert & Sullivan production at a local theater and was amazed to receive a role.  Work may be my forte, but theater is my passion.  For the first time in many years, I feel like a complete me.  Well, almost.  I have always enjoyed writing but wasn’t quite sure how/where to start.

Those who know me well know that I am seldom at a loss for words.  This outlet will hopefully relieve some of the burden of my local listeneers and give me a chance to share my love for life, food, wine, family, travel, theater, music……  Well.  I hope you enjoy your visits to my world as much as I enjoy posting.  Salute!