The Days of Wine and Sheltons

Earlier this year my life changed – drastically and for the better.  The thing is, you never know when it will come or how gears will shift.  And you don’t know how one small choice will lead to so many other things.

It started with Blake York.  I could have walked away without ever talking to him, but after seeing him in a play, I decided to ask him how to find out about auditions.  If I hadn’t, I would not be writing this today.  Auditions were less than two weeks away and I needed a monologue and sheet music.  It was terrifying, but I did it.  If I hadn’t….but I did and that changed everything.   Needless to say, I was in the play.  I met several wonderful people and remembered how natural and exhilarating it is to perform.  And I walked away from the play with friends.  People, like myself, unafraid of making a scene or being amazingly silly in front of complete strangers.  No judgment, just fun.  A little frightening to someone who has kept herself guarded for a very long time.  But these people welcomed me with open arms and happy hearts.  I have smiled a lot since March.

And all this leads me to Adam and Sue Ann Shelton.

They are a large part of the fun.  They laugh with me and seem to like exactly who I am.  They seek me out, just as I seek them.  We share a love of good wine and great food.  And I benefit from their wonderful lack of inhibition.  I haven’t had this much fun with friends since…..I don’t remember when.  But soon they will be moving.  Jobs did not work out.  Still, if they hadn’t come to Washington, even for this short time, my life would be the poorer.  They make my heart happy.  Sometimes I laugh just thinking about them.  And so, while I mourn that they will not be available for wine nights or karaoke as often, I will always thank God for these days we have had.

If I hadn’t talked to Blake, and taken the plunge and auditioned…..  Thank God I made that one choice that led to so many wonderful times.  If you have a passion, please follow it.  You never know where it will lead.

And hey – if a plane can fly to Oklahoma, so can I.

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