San Francisco


So I’m spending the weekend in Wenatchee with my family and I mention to my brother Rick that I’ve been thinking about starting a blog.  Well, when you tell a computer guru something like that, you should expect more than the usual, “Oh?”.  Five minutes later and a new chapter in my life was born.  No more day dreaming, now it’s time to do it.

San Francisco
Riding the Trolley

Let me start with an introduction.  My name is Angela Vendetti.  I am the lucky wife of my husband Tom and mother to our three lovely children, Lorenza, Lucia & Sergio.  I use the term children loosely, as they are all out of high school.  I was a stay at home mommy for many years and even tried my hand at home schooling, but a bit more than 10 years ago I went back to work and re-discovered myself.  I’m much better at busines than I am at home management and gladly moved on to a new chapter in my life.  About 6 months ago I took a chance and auditioned for a Gilbert & Sullivan production at a local theater and was amazed to receive a role.  Work may be my forte, but theater is my passion.  For the first time in many years, I feel like a complete me.  Well, almost.  I have always enjoyed writing but wasn’t quite sure how/where to start.

Those who know me well know that I am seldom at a loss for words.  This outlet will hopefully relieve some of the burden of my local listeneers and give me a chance to share my love for life, food, wine, family, travel, theater, music……  Well.  I hope you enjoy your visits to my world as much as I enjoy posting.  Salute!

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